I watched the movie Wolverine in a Cinema nearby. Wolverine, another MARVEL Comics super hero is back in action. This X-MEN sequel lands in modern day Japan. The prequel was released by 2009.

The Movie runs with zigzag scenes but less zigzag screenplay except the initial scenes of the movie. The movie runs around cunning and good Japanese. I felt Japan may think of keeping the movie away from its masses.

The Wolverine

Wolverine as expected starts in Canada. You can see much of Snow and Rain in the movie. Though the movie shows land next to Nagasaki as green and inhabitant in present day Japan, movie misses to appreciate the hard work of Japanese to make the green Nagasaki. I think, we cannot expect that from a Hollywood flick. Wolverine comes back to Japan to say Good bye to the soldier he saved in World War II in Nagasaki. But the other wants his eternity to be transferred. In the following days, the soldier is dead. Wolverine takes the responsibility of saving Mariko the dead man’s granddaughter. Mariko, a soft spoken goodhearted girl becomes the fulcrum of the movie then on.

The story has a worst moral – even if you help Japanese, they will exploit you for their life. They will not bother to take your life.

YASIDA – is the real villain of the movie. But I think the real villain is morality in this movie.

Tokyo’s Bullet trains are amazing in the movie. But you are not really getting the feeling you are seeing bullet train in a big screen in front of your eyes. I am not amazed by seeing a super hero fighting on top of the bullet train – but the opponent too. Looks your kids can fight on top of world’s fastest trains.


The Wolverine

Mariko, who has to be saved every good person in the movie, is actually saving the movie. Wolverine seems to be confused and requires a bodyguard. Wolverine finds all his demons because of his old acquaintance. The Villains were not crafted correctly – you doubt who the villain is.

Yukio, the role played by Rila Fukushima looks perfect out of all confused characters. The theme of the movie is a cunning Japanese former general YASIDA who is leading a conglomerate is try to get the eternity transferred to him from Wolverine. There is a bunch of witches and good people working for his intention – knowingly or unknowingly.

When Mariko comes to know the evil intention of YASIDA, her own grandfather, she & Wolverine kills him. I think Mariko and Yukio wins. Wolverine becomes unintellectual; of course we don’t expect him to be.

I am surprised by the way characters were built. Japanese father is trying to kill his own daughter. Japanese grandfather is trying to take advantage of his life saver – he is ready to make a trap for his own granddaughter. I think Japanese family system is not that bad. Americans fail to see the real picture of the Asia Pacific family system.

The director has used all the means to make Wolverine a low rated super hero. It seems one more movie to delight Americans and Canadians.


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