Women Safety: Delhi destroys the hope

Women Safety is still in danger in the capital city of world’s largest democratic nation. Not only Delhi, few metros are already in the list for women safety in  danger.

India’s founding father, Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of Women safety. Mahatma called India can be considered fully free only if a women walks in midnight with ornaments filling her. Mahatma tried to make three points in this statement. India was unsafe in night. Women were unsafe. Theft for wealth is likely.

The Dream of the nation’s father is still a dream. Women are still not free in the nation.

This time the rape occurred in New Delhi, Nation’s capital. UBER, an international taxi booking service is under scanner for the same.


The number of working women in India is increasing.  The economy of the nation pushes at least two for work for running the family hassle free.

There are women working in metros and staying in hostels. Single working female are in danger.

India is struggling to ensure the women safety. It is pathetic to discuss this with political mindset. There is a need of police reformation and refinement of safety to female in the nation.

The reports submitted after the notorious gang rape in the capital are just documents . The Capital is yet to learn the lesson.

A nation, which doesn’t treat its female with fair and equal respect, is not going to be appreciated for its other best values.

India which has tradition and cultural history for thousands of years is facing a biggest challenge of its society. The Drivers of the night transport is not worried of the rules and regulations laid by the nation – Or the rules and regulations laid down are of no use and placed well only in papers but lacks power in practice.

Until India ensures safety for women, it is better not to call India as mother land. It may be called as Men’s Land.

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