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Writers and teachers share the same. They teach and make us better. No matter who, a successful writer or a writing aspirant who keeps his dreams filled with paper and pen (well, a laptop in the present); one who firmly sticks to literary writing or someone who takes up the commercial roller coaster; be it what. They all love one thing in common, in particular. A famous Tamil writer and poet Nakulan once said “One who can’t be alone cannot be a writer”.

writer aloneSolitude is the prime requisite for any writer or for someone who dreams of it. A writer is one who creates a universe and lives in it. Every writer is the first reader of his work. The genesis of every work might have its spark from any situation, like a bolt out of nothing. But the conceived seed could sprout only in pensive situations. Most of the writers lead a secluded life, almost something closer to self exile, just to converse in private with their characters just born in their thought wombs.

There are exceptions too for this. Celebrated Urdu short story writer Saadat Hassan Manto of Pakistan, in one of his interviews was asked to reveal the method of his writing. It’s quite natural for the interviewer to throw such a question to any successful creator. He should’ve hoped to get some secret magic recipe of Manto’s genius. But Manto came up with a surprising answer damn simple. He said,  “I write in my room with my three children playing around me. Whenever I tell my wife that I’ve nothing to write, she would simply reply, just sit and start writing”. He was of a rare breed. Stupendous works just come through them effortlessly.


write drunk


There are often two ways in fiction writing. Setting the space and time first and fitting the characters in it is one. Creating a character out of the blue and setting up the milieu around it is another. Some writers start working only after readying a detailed blueprint. There is other kind of authors, just polar opposites of this. For them writing is like driving aimlessly in a car, on a highway, relying solely on the headlights. Even they could only see things to the range the light reaches. Such working style holds its secrecy about the climax to the creator himself/herself. A strange experience though.

Renowned Japanese writer Haruki Murakami finds himself among the second band. This marathon runner turned author, one who is speculated to win Nobel Prize for Literature in recent years, shares he never plans about his projects. All he cares is a character and once the sketch is drawn he develops a world around it. He is celebrated around the world for bridging the gap between commercial and art house writing. His is in fact a blend of them.

reading aloneWhatever be it. The world of writers is as interesting, perhaps even more, as their works. And as a reader it’s always a pleasure to know about them. For a writing aspirant they would be priceless tips and for a reader they would be  interesting snippets to stumble upon. Surprisingly reading is again a lonely business. What a coincidence!





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