Xiaomi Targets India


In the last four years, Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi has seen a humongous growth that is disrupting the trends in mobile industry. Fondly called as ‘Apple of China’, Xiamo has reaped the Smartphone addiction of the Chinese, tossing out high-end features in low-priced devices. Xiaomi is at number three in China and has set its sight on the top spot. Statistical figure shows a growth of 271% year on year. The company has outsold Apple in China, with only Samsung and Lenovo ahead of it.

Xiaomi possesses great global ambitions, but it hasn’t ventured into western markets. 97 percent of Xiaomi Smartphone is sold at home. But, now the company has targeted Singapore and India. The Smartphone manufacturer teamed with Flipkart to sell its Mi3 phone for Rs. 13,999, starting from 22nd July. As expected, Xiaomi relished with a strong debut as the Indian e-commerce retailer Flipkart sold all the phones after just 39 minutes of going on sale. Xiaomi haven’t disclosed the number of phones sold, although Flipkart have claimed to receive 10,000 registrations between July 15th and 21st. A lot of registered users were not able to order the phone due to technical difficulties encountered by the site.

Hugo Barra with Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun at the launch of Xiaomi Mi3. Image Credit: Getty

Former Android VP Hugo Barra with Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun at the launch of Xiaomi Mi3. Image Credit: Getty

The Mi3 has a 5-Inch screen, 800 quad-core chips, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory (procured from SanDisk). The presence of some of the high-quality components and hardware can make us state that it’s in excess of Rs. 30,000. Xiaomi is fast enough to set up 36 service centers in India. It may not be big number, but it’s enough for the initial selling phase.

Xiaomi’s chief executive officer, Lei Jun (entrepreneur behind the rise of Xiaomi) has vowed a deliver a fivefold boost sales within a year and to challenge Samsung Electronics and Apple, globally. As a part of this plan, Xiaomi has entered India, where the 60 percent of mobile market is controlled by Samsung and other Indian makers. Xiaomi partnership with Flipkart is actually broken from the company’s usual strategy, which previously sold its phone only through its own website.

Xiaomi is also about to release its long expected Mi4 with the metallic look. The Mi4 features a 5.5-inches display, handset powered by a superior quad- processor clocked at 2.5 GHz, and also boasts of 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage capacity.

There will be lot of hesitation to buy this new brand on market. Even at such low prices, offering valuable hardware, Xiaomi will have its work cut out to win sales in the second largest populous country. Its absence from the traditional retail channels may provide great challenges. Only time and the product’s value will tell, if Xiaomi can repeat its immense success.

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    its 100,000 pre-registrations in flipkart, not just 10,000 🙂