NSA”We Shall overcome One day!”

When I was young, It was one of the songs  I learned in my school. Neither  did I belong to the African-American Community  nor the school was. But this song was performed couple of times in school functions.Mostly after this song, my class teacher or someone would refer to the song and ask,”Can you guys confront a difficult task?” After hearing this song, most of us used to say ‘Yes, We can’. Whenever I hear this song, it is nostalgic to hear my heart saying ‘Yes! We can’.

But last few days, I feel whenever I hear the words – ‘Yes! We can’, My brain is recollecting the pictures in which protestors carry ‘Yes! We Scan’. Barack Hussein Obama, the president of United States of America was greeted in the streets of Europe with this banner. Yes, America scans everything you transact via internet. How many times you kissed your wife while chatting via Skype? You may not know – but Uncle John may.

The PRISM, which America’s NSA has formulated is nothing but a big cyber trap for everyone. The Super America is living with full of insecurity. Government of the 50 stars nation feel their security is in threat and that includes the cyber world.


American giants like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter all are obliged to provide information to their political masters. It is not only the problems of Americans. It is problem of every citizen or netizen of the world.

Look at the Unique Identification Authority of India, (in short UIDAI’s plan) is to use American companies for data transactions. But the data might be given to the government of US with no question by these companies. A danger, India might not probably has sensed.

Huawei is being suspected by lot of countries as it may spy for China. United States is believing that China is already spying them via satellite. The spy devices are in everyone’s pocket – a mobile phone or a tablet or a Laptop.

shutterstock_86772685-680x400The governments justify Surveillance as a necessity. Phone tapping is a conservative evil, that lot of politicians and industrialists are prone to even today. But common citizens were so far out of this ring. Actually, common citizens are going to be spied for the sake of politicians and industrialists.

‘I am a son of a Spy. My Family Name is not Chan’ – When Jackie Chan was saying this in television, I was worrying for him even though he was saying with smiling face. But now everyone is spy – our privacy is exploited by our political masters.

I was seeing a pop video of  Arabian pop star Nancy Azram in which girls were monitored using video camera. Even their eye sweeps weren’t spared.

‘Is there no privacy in this free country ?’ – remember this dialogue from one of the parts of the American Pie series. In current actuality that is the truth.

Are we all that bad to be monitored? Not only America, No capitalistic government in the world is ready to trust the common citizens. The governments particularly after the Arab Spring, are not ready to risk. They want to spoil the tree of revolution before it germinates. They believe everyone of us can come up to challenge them.

The governments call their internal security is in danger. The Wikileaks which has already proven that embassies are almost spy agencies in disguise. Is Uncle John the Global political Peeping Tom entering into our private lives? Spying is the way to keep the world under control. Spying tries to keep us under unsecured privacy – that is potentially dangerous. US feels danger is all over the world. There is no liberty or freedom in US upon which the founding fathers of the nation built the constitution.

Facebook triggered Arab Spring should not happen in US even if the government is bad – seems to be the theory behind PRISM. Already the Copy cat of US in these activities, India has launched Spying and calls it as necessary in public. UDAI is a public spying idea too. There are lot of countries in the list. UK, which shares the special relationship with the Obama nation, said it did not do any thing illegal. But it is not ready to disclose things. Spying looks to be one of the prime jobs of the governments.

The Red China, fifty stars USA, Union Jack UK, Tricolor India (the latest being France, as per the recent Latin American accusation) – no one is out of the spying business. Selling public data  (even without notifying public) is profitable business per UIDAI chief, Nandan Nilekeni. But try to understand the political class of largest democracy of the world, the government of India is bringing an ordinance to stop getting information of internal affairs of political parties under the Right to information. The political class don’t want to answer the commoners. The data transaction is one way. You have no right to question your political leaders.

Look at pseudo communist Red China, which stops people to ask legal questions to industrialist inside their Special Economic Zone frame work. This is the face of communism in China.

The Modus operandi of China and India,may not surprise the rest of  Asia. They may consider this as trivial. But the reality is your privacy is in danger. Everyone’s legal rights is in danger. We are rats in the political labs.

Lets build a cordial world on the principles of liberty and equality. May them be not just reserved for the Civics text books, to teach and make believe the future global citizens.