Zimbabwe Elections: Another Term for Mugabe

It was once said by Mugabe himself that ‘ He can be replaced only by God’. The recent elections also proved Harare is going to have him as President again even at 89.

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has filed a petition against the victory of Mugabe in constitutional court of the country. The case may not help to get Mugabe out of the office. There are suspicions that few of the judges in the court are for Mugabe’s loyalists.

mugabe zimbabweThe MDC has achieved 49 seats against the Mugabe lead Zanu -PF with 160 seats for the parliament.

Mugabe got 61% vote for Presidency.

MDC claims that the democracy did not win. Yet MDC would not have won this election considering the available statistics. We could also not suspend the idea that Mugabe might have resorted lot of undemocratic practices. MDC says it has evidences to prove that Zanu-PF involved in practices influencing the voters.

MDC says Mugabe’s team bribed the voters. MDC, which is popular in urban areas of Zimbabwe argues there were difficulties for voters to register in Urban Zimbabwe. It calls, there were dead and duplicate people in voters roll. MDC adds that 900,000 were not able to cast their vote particularly in the capital region.

The state-run Herald foretold that ‘Zanu-PF heads Landslide’. Looks the total government machinery is with the president. Mr. President even will not hesitate to resort on violence for his survival, if necessary.

MDC may need to go miles to remove Mugabe from the presidency. MDC may loose its case against the President.

Mugabe who was one of the liberators of the country is banking on his own legacy and try to use all means to have him as permanent president of the country.

The Economy of Zimbabwe is going from bad to worse. But Mugabe has not completely lost instead he has got urban Zimbabwe gradually turning against him.

It would be better if President bring back the economy and install ethical democracy in the African nation.

Image Courtesy : http://guardianlv.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Zimbabwe_Mugabe_632906a-e1375383399165-650×447.jpg

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